Studio time booked for tomorrow and next week. Still need to drop Swag Of Akuna. I have a next song recorded for the next project and about 7 songs written for the next project. Doing a photo shoot with Lah Chem today. Getting his release kit ready for Musical Meditation.

Podcast eps coming soon. Newsletter coming soon. New music coming soon. Trap monkey videos are here!! Check them out on my Instagram. Speak easy Tuesday went well. The next edition will spark off Tuesday at aspetta cafe. Thanks to people supporting.

Trap monkey is working. Like I said vids up. Got some stickers coming. Have some posters coming. Post cards coming. Maybe some audio skits.

Banditos. BanDzz. We working. Skul Choppa’s single is coming soon. Jr and I are doing a song tomorrow. NUFF tings in the worx. Plugging away. Need to get on my website and get the kickstart going to try and raise some money for Death Of Akuna.

Personal life is stupid. Women are dumb. I’m over dating. Just chilling. I feel like when I find a women that actually wants to be with me I’ll hold on to her. Hard times. I want to die. I have been really down. Fxck a food bank.

Someone told me they didn’t believe I was unhappy. Lol. Like honestly yo I’m over trying to explain myself. I wouldn’t let anyone close enough to me to know what’s going on with me and my fam. My friends and my day to day. But people judge. They see what they see. It’s not cool and it frustrates me. Meh.

Matching the way you breath
You see me
My darkness doesn’t shake you
My rage doesn’t shake you
My crazy doesn’t shake you
My love doesn’t shake you
I dipped into your inner
Nothing physical
Purely spiritual
Our energies met like two rivers
Then became a waterfall
A golden Buddha
Dropping forever in a sea of darkness
Hung by endless golden string
Dropping faster and faster
The real
If only for a night
You were earth and I was sky
You were water I was fire
You were oak and I wind
You you and I I
We complimented each other splendidly

Plan C

It’s cool
You can hit me up
Tell me you miss me
You know I’ll say something swt2 u
Come threw
Smoke up
Leave when you want
Come when you will
It’s no worries
I’ll be the number after the number
In the back pocket
For a time
For a time